(this page exists for historical purposes now, RunTrak is rather long in the tooth considering it was written for strict Win32 way back in the day when I was a kid. But it still works, use if you wish!)


RunTrak is an intuitive, powerful, small, and attractive running logbook program written for the Microsoft Windows operating environment for PC's and compatables.

What can RunTrak do for me?

RunTrak provides all of the basic elements of a good running log:
- Tabulated entries with date, distance and elapsed time of run, calculated pace, weekly mileages, and remarks sections.
- Intuitive, easy-to-use interface based on a calendar motif. Browse through a month's worth of runs by pointing and clicking with a mouse. - Edit old runs and add new runs from the calendar.
In addition, RunTrak provides additional helpful features:

- Attractive and informative graphing functions include plotting distance and pace of runs over time.
- Calculate the effects of rest days.
- View statistics of your entire logbook, or any portion you desire to analyze.
- Full printing capabilities. Supports all printers supported under Windows.
- Small memory and disk footprint and runs on any 32-bit Windows platform

Oh, and did I mention that RunTrak is now FREE?!
Just toss me an e-mail an I'll send you the registration code.

Download it here (67K) (yup its very small)